Queens of the Modern Age…

Queens of the Stone Age are a band that I’ve enjoyed listening to for quite some time now. I’ve found some of the previous albums and singles they’ve put out fit rather well into the weird list of bands that I enjoy. With this being said when the video for their new album Villains was posted I was excited to the point where I was watching that video over and over just to listen to the small snippet of Feet Don’t Fail Me Now, however while having the video on loop there was one part that I was a little worried about.

During the video they let loose the information that the album was being produced along side Mark Ronson who is quite the name to work along and has put out some fantastic songs with a large range of artists of the years. My issue that is that Mark Ronson seems to be more in with the Pop crowed rather than the hard/alt rock that I’d slot QotSA into.

Despite my fretting I pushed past the worry as the section of Feet Don’t Fail Me Now in the teaser was quite something to listen to and some new singles where out for me to listen to to keep me focused.

With both the new singles, the feel too poppy. Personally I feel that Mark’s influence over them has given them more of a dance/pop feel and I’m curious to see how the rest of the album compares.

This album is coming straight after what could be regarded in my eyes as one of the bands best albums yet Like Clockwork… so the contrast in styles might be a bit jarring for me however it’s clear that QotSA are going for a different feel with each album, something that I feel more bands should try as sometimes the same thing gets a bit to stale.

With only a couple days left till the album drops, it’s going to be an interesting wait to see if I find the album amazing or if I’ll have to just go with the flow

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