Villains or Heroes?

So with Queens of the Stone Age having published a new album over a week ago now I’ve had ample time to sit down, listen to it and base my opinion on something other than first impressions. While the first impression of something is important, it’s very easy to find something brilliant when you first hear it, but then you’ll notice things over time that might alter your thoughts on something, hence the long wait time for me posting this.

With the 9 songs that make up the album I feel that there is sadly more filler than there is solid quality content. The songs in question are Feet Don’t Fail me NowHead like a Haunted House & Villains of Circumstance. These 3 songs are the ones that so far after listening to the album for over week now are the only ones that really stand out to me and it’s a bit disappointing that I only really love 3 songs from the album.

The other songs are by no means not enjoyable to listen to. I’ve gladly had the whole album on loop and will continue to do so in hopes that my thoughts might be swayed on the album as a whole rather than the individual songs

One thing that I am pleased about is how the involvement of Mark Ronson hasn’t turned the album into a massive pop-fest. My initial worry about him being involved with the production of the album was dropped after listening to the album as a whole for the first time. Villains definitely gives off that QotSA vibe that you only seem to get from them. The music they produce is unique and I’m glad they still produce the high quality music that they do.

I feel my opinion on Villains is being altered considerably by how much I loved Like Clockwork… as I feel the whole album is one of the strongest that QotSA have published out of all of their albums. In time I may alter my thoughts but it’s going to take some more listening to really see how things pan out. But, with Trivium bringing out a new album in October, there might not be much time left for Villains to make it’s mark.


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