Music Video’s are Shit Now…

So if you go back a few years then you’d find some of the best music videos out there. Videos that where creative and interesting and even sometimes had a narrative or a story. With most of the modern music videos that I’ve seen as of late they all seem to just be the artist/band talking into a camera with little to no creativity on show.

While I’ll admit there are some interesting music videos out there from artists like OKGO it almost feels like the videos are the main focus and the music is an afterthought. OKGO’s most recent video, Obsession, feels like the idea for a video was produced first and then the music was produced with the idea of the video being taken as the main focus. The song is good don’t get me wrong but it feels like a step in the wrong direction when the music feels sub-par to the idea behind the video.

Looking back a few years there are a few videos that I like to show as an example of fantastic videos that not only are creative but work well with the song paired with them. One of those song would be Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim.

Not only does this videos show a level of creativity that isn’t really shown in this day and age but the videos also match along with the songs. Weapon of Choice is a upbeat dance track that puts you in the mood for moving and is a brilliant song to put on for getting you in a good mood and this passes on to the music video. Seeing Christopher Walken flying around an abandoned hotel lobby just puts a smile on my face and fits the up beat tone of not only the song but the video that goes with it.

While I feel that music videos aren’t a dead art, the offerings over the past few years have felts rather stagnant to say the least. While there are a few offerings from a couple of bands that stand out against the crowd, I’m still looking for that one band to blow me out of the water with both a fantastic music video that fits perfectly with the song. Once I find it, I’ll be sure to talk about it.

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