End Game Part 1

So the term end game is tossed around when looking at almost anything. Headphones, mechanical Keyboards & Pens are a few examples that I’ve seen people post about before, and I fall under one of those weird people that loves the hell out of all things mechanical keyboard. As a result of having a small amounts of money and not much more common sense, I’ve almost finished one of the end game keyboards that I want.

Going back, the first mechanical keyboard that I owned was a Noppoo Spyder. This was a cheap mech board that I grabbed because it fit my budget, and for the time that I had used it it was perfect for what I needed. However after that I was wanting something a bit more interesting. It was something that I had cheaped out on and compared to the rest of my PC at the time, was the cheapest thing I was using.

From there I decided to get me a Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S. A tenkeyless keyboard with all the features that I wanted. Macros, RGB, clean design and worked with the rest of my PC. From there, I never gave mechanical keyboards another thought. I had the board I wanted. I didn’t need anything else (considering the collection I have now I can look back and laugh at what I thought of mechanical keyboards at the time). But there is always something that will intervene.

Spooky picture of the Hako Trues
Spooky picture of the Hako Trues

After about a year I was stupid enough to spill a pint over my keyboard. While the keyboard still worked, the MX Browns that I swore by where gummed up and stiff. The keyboard was basically useless. I tried many a way to get it all working again, trying things like contact cleaner and 99% alcohol on the switches but to know avail.

From there my interest in mechanical keyboards peeked and the whole story of how I got to where I am is one that I’ll save for another day. But give it say, 6 months and you can get to where I was with this keyboard. I had gained some knowledge of building my own keyboard (you can see my Gherkin post for my first build) and decided to revive an old favourite.

All the Hako Trues!
All the Hako Trues!

First off was the switches that I needed to replace. The browns that where all gummed up needed to go, with a different switch replacing them. I wanted to try something a bit exotic, so decided to go with the Hako Trues. A switch designed to feel like Topre switches, and help make you a better typist by “punishing” you for bottoming out.

To see my first thoughts on the Hako Trues, you can see my youtube video here and my post on this site here. After using them for an even longer time period, I’ve grown to love them even more. The bump at the top of the actuation feels subtle but noticeable and the extra weight the switch has make it just what I need. But I’m getting off topic.

The best enter there is...
The best enter there is…

After replacing all the switches, I decide to grab some decent keycaps. The stock ones for the Masterkeys Pro S are OEM profile, ABS keycaps. Mine have developed quite the shine on them after quite a bit of use. Looking at some of the options that were in my budget (GMK would have been wonderful but I sadly couldn’t justify the £160 for the set), I went with the 9009 PBT set that was available on AliExpress (KPrepublic to be specific).

So far, I’m pleased with how it’s all turned out. This board is the first out the four that I want to have to get to my “end game” status. All left is the forty percent, sixty percent, and finally the ninety-six key keyboard.

Beauty Shot
Beauty Shot

All in good time though… All in good time…

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