Black Gherkin

So there is a mechanical keyboard kit out there called a Gherkin. This is a 30/35% keyboard that is nothing but the standard QWERTY layout with 4 keys extra. I’m going to be building one (once my kit arrives) and as I can’t find a really decent guide, I plan on making one and posting my progress here. Hopefully I don’t completely ruin everything and make myself look like a smeghead in the process…

Credit to u/llucifer for the header image.

Here we go.

With this site I’m going to be posting my thoughts on different forms of media that I want to save my thoughts on. This will range from music to films, games to even a book every now and then.

I do also have a YouTube channel and most of what I upload on there will be on here too but it’s rather boring stuff so it won’t be front and centre.

First thing that will probably be talked about is going to be the new Queens of the Stone Age album entitled ‘Villains’ as that comes out on the 26th and I’ve got a few things to mention about the singles they’ve put out in the meantime.

Just Hold On, More’s Coming…